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    Sound Control LED Strip

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    Sound Sensitive Light That Matches Your Vibe!

    Static LED lights are boring and a thing of the past.

    It's time to leave those unoriginal lights in 2020 and replace them with something a little more exciting.


    Make Music Come Alive

    Turn on your favorite music and watch the Sound Control LED Strip bump with you to the beat of the song.

    Its moving and animated LED lights will transform the vibe of any room.


    Boost Any Environment

    Take the wireless Sound Control LED Strip on the go with you anywhere.

    From your office desk, studio, car, or bedside table, the Sound Control LED Strip will raise the energy in any room.


    Customize with the App

    Customize the Sound Control LED Strip to match any environment by downloading the app.

    Simply scan the QR code on the back of the light, and fully customize the light with its 4 levels of brightness, 5 levels of speed, and 18 different color modes!



    • Watch your Sound Control LED Strip bump to your favorite music.
    • Transform the vibe of any room.
    • Bring it on the go into any environment.
    • Create the perfect gift for a friend or family.
    • Customize to fit your room with the app.


    Package Includes

    1 x Sound Control LED Strip

    1 x USB Cable

    1 x Light Base

    1 x Double Sided Tape

    1 x Manual