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    Tattoo Balm

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    Tattoo Aftercare Made Easy.

    Tattoo Balm is committed to making tattoos vibrant, moisturized and nourished with clean healthy ingredients.

    Clean Ingredients - Responsibly Sourced

    Tattoo Balm offers a comprehensive tattoo product line, made with all-natural and organic ingredients specifically combined for tattoos.

    Don't suffer for your art, use our tattoo ointment for the smoothest application process you've ever had. If you're planning on getting another tattoo, use this tattoo cream that makes the skin more receptive. Your tattoo artist will thank you, your skin will thank you, and your inner artist will as well. With our tattoo lotion, the whole process is easier and more pleasant.

    Your body is your canvas when you get a tattoo. It's a permanent part of you that shows your personality and style. With such a precious thing on your body, why wouldn't you do all you can to make sure your tattoo is vibrant and remains that way? Our moisturizing cream is specially made for tattoos and can be used to keep them bright and colorful for years to come.
    Products: 150g net weight